Re: Render EM as underline [was: deprecated tags in Wilbur & Cougar]

In article <ae25ab43030210040174@[]>, (Terje Norderhaug) wrote:
> I suggest to resolve the issue by that the guidelines for how a browser
> should render the EM element is changed from advising italics to advising
> that the EM is rendered with underline.

That would greatly conflict with the standard way to render links. Over
here, italics looks pretty nice on all graphical browsers I have. If
you don't like it, stuff it in a style sheet so I can override it.

> Italics fonts doesn't display very well on screen anyway, and makes text
> harder to read (if readbable at all). Rendering EM with italics also mixes
> with the common rendering of citations. By not providing U but rather

True, but that only proves the browser developers had little imagination
when they picked those renderings. I would still love to see EM rendered
as (say) red on the default background, and citations in italics. But
until we can use our own style sheets, that's not gonna happen. :-(


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