Re: Standards, Work Groups, and Reality Checks: A Radical Proposal.

> I would like to make a point at my own expense.  I teach HTML, and 
> [snip]  Assuming that the users of HTML have 
> the expertise to pay attention to the parameters for MIME types is a 
> stretch -- considering that most users of HTML have probably never heard 
> of MIME, and many have probably never heard of "parameters."

Cue Dilbert cartoon of salesdroid being asked *any* question - "Woah,
intricate technical stuff is way over my head"

I taught an "Introduction to the Web" four hour course a couple of weeks ago
to an audience of slightly net-literate managers (about half had used email, 
few had used a web browser).

I covered MIME in two slides and a couple of minutes, gave them some practical 
online exercises, and they were all fine. Labelling stuff is after all 
an extremely simple concept to explain.

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