Re: Multiple URL's for HREF, SRC and ACTION
Fri, 17 Nov 1995 14:03:25 -0800

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Subject: RE: Multiple URL's for HREF, SRC and ACTION
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 1995 14:03:25 -0800

i think that unfortunately there are plenty of scenarios of people using 
spaces in 'file:' url's that this would break down in practice.

-Thomas Reardon

Sent: 	Friday, November 17, 1995 10:59 AM
Subject: 	Multiple URL's for HREF, SRC and ACTION

One well-understood problem with using URL's to point to data objects
(reference by location) is that things move and some services are by nature

Since all URLs that are in HREF, SRC or ACTION must be escaped, and spaces 
among the characters escaped, it would seem syntactically possible to permit
multiple space-separated URL's as values to these attributes.  Semantically, 
user agent would then have one or more alternative pointers to a resource in
the case where the first one(s) were unavailable.

The <A HREF=""> HTML DTD </A> is widely available  


<FORM ACTION="http://my.session.server/transaction?do+this+for+me

This currently doesn't blow up on both netscape 1.x and xmosaic 2.7.latest,
although the BASE must be set in the referenced document so that inlines' 
are not prefixed with the full contents of the HREF and correctly resolved.


Marc Salomon