Re: Meta Tag - proposal (suggestions ???)

On Wed, 15 Nov 1995, Joe Budge <> wrote:
| The META tag could benefit greatly from HTTP-EQUIV's for "revision" 
| (as in 'revision number') and 'timestamp' (as in 'date/time the 
| document was authored').
| Librarians -- electronic or otherwise -- keep track of different 
| versions of a document in many professions.  This is crucial in 
| situations where one needs to track changes in documents over
| time -- as frequently happens in legal, engineering, purchasing, and
| technical support activities.  I would rate the importance of these
| as "high" since one cannot do serious document management
| without these concepts.

You can use CGI to achieve the same thing.  For example,
"http://.../.../file.txt?2.4" gets you version 2.4 of file.txt and
"http://.../.../file.txt" gets you the current version (the CGI
script can return the actual version.  The CGI script can use things
like RCS or SCCS to do this quite easily.
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