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<INPUT TYPE=audio> (was: Re: Client side file push) (fwd)

From: Mirsad Todorovac <tm@rasips2.rasip.etf.hr>
Date: Sat, 11 Nov 1995 19:09:19 +0100 (MET)
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>At 09:40 11/03/95 PST, Fisher Mark wrote:
>Do any other browsers not "in wide distribution" support it?
>By the way, this from the IESG:
>The IESG has reviewed the Internet-Draft "Form-based File Upload in HTML"
  ><draft-ietf-html-fileupload-03.txtand recommends that it be published
  >by the RFC Editor as an Experimental RFC. This document is the product of
  >the HyperText Markup Language Working Group. The IESG contact persons are
  >John Klensin and Harald Alvestrand.

This RFC came out as RFC 1867: "Form-based File Upload in HTML" .
( URL: http://www.rasip.fer.hr/cgi-bin/rfc/rfc1867.txt )

It's not quite obvious why there shouldn't be some more input types for
forms (of course it is not elegant to clutter browsers with hundreds of types),
like e.g.

	<INPUT TYPE="audio" ACCEPT="audio/basic">
	<INPUT TYPE="video" ACCEPT="video/mpeg">

which should be handled differently by their nature than plain files.

Of course, this could be implied by <INPUT TYPE=file ACCEPT="audio/basic">,
but this would open a file browser with filter "*.au" for browsing for the
audio record.

What INPUT TYPE "audio" could bring is posibility to record audio immediatelly
from hardware audio device, with a "microphone" button.  Then we could play it
to see how it sounds, browse for audio file instead, save recording and
finaly press submit.

Sending mechanism proposed in RFC 1867 could be respected without changes;
setting apropriate MIME type/subtype.

<FORM ACTION="/cgi-bin/process-registration"
      METHOD=POST ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data">
Please enter your userid: <INPUT TYPE="text"><BR>
Please enter your password: <INPUT TYPE="password"><BR>
Enter your voice signature: <INPUT TYPE="audio"
				ACCEPT="audio/basic, audio/adpcm, audio/*"><BR>
<INPUT TYPE="submit"><BR>
Which could be rendered as:

Please enter your userid: ___________________
Please enter your password: ___________________
Enter your voice signature:
			   /                                           \
			  |   [Record] [Rewind] [PLAY] [Browse] [Save]  |
			  |                                             |
			  |   [#######>######] Playing ... 14sec/30sec  |

[Submit Form]

-- Mirsad

Mirsad Todorovac at Electrical Engineering Faculty, University Zagreb, Croatia
mirsad.todorovac@etf.hr, tm@rasip.etf.hr, http://www.rasip.fer.hr/
Received on Saturday, 11 November 1995 13:22:12 UTC

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