Re: converting local mac .html files -> dos .htm please help

There is a wonderful  little MAC to DOS and back conversion package that I use
reliably.  It is called "File Xchange" or something like that.  I just
click on the Icon and insert my DOS diskette.  It knows about both sets
of file formats including Mac's Fork and Data linked files.  This package
is freely available from any Mac shop. You might want to ask around.

Andri J. Emmell                            

>On Sat, 28 Jan 1995, Fletcher wrote:
>> The problem might be with the line breaks...Any Unix html creater will save 
>> the file with unix line breaks.  These can be read by any browser---as far
>> as I know.
>  You could also use the commands unix2dos and dos2unix if you're wanting to
>convert from LF->CR/LF and/or CR/LF->LF.  They are UNIX commands, but they
>were written in C and were quickly ported to the DOS environment.  I am sure
>that they are even on the Mac environment.  Who knows?

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