Re: converting local mac .html files -> dos .htm please help wrote:

> I'm trying to find a quick way to change my local mac html files to
> local files that can be read on a dos machine... my links wont work
> because even if i change the file name from *.html to *.htm the links are
> still *.html and wont locate the *.htm files.... 

What browser are you using?  I've had no problem 
browsing a web developed on Unix as local files 
under Windows.

Just transferring the files to DOS automatically
renames *.html to *.HTM, and when the browser tries
to load "foo.html" the O/S truncates this to "FOO.HTM"
internally.  At least I *think* that's what's happening.
Anyway, all I did was transfer the files over and it
seemed to work...

> and i'm getting a bit
> frustrated using search and replace on all of my files are there any quick
> utilities (either mac or pc) that do a tidy job of fixing this problem?
> and if so (assuming its free or shareware) which ftp site publishes it?

Hm... this sort of thing is pretty easy with standard
Unix tools (sed, awk, sh), but installing Linux is
probably overkill for this task.  You might try perl,
which has been ported to DOS and System 7.  See

Also check on comp.infosystems.www.* ... I think there's been
a discsussion about this issue running for some time now.

--Joe English

Received on Saturday, 28 January 1995 08:58:10 UTC