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Travis Fell writes:
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> I would like to add another set of buttons to Mosaic.  Specifically, I
> want to include a button bar that is visible at all times which includes
> browse sequence (forward/back) buttons, a table of contents button, and
> perhaps a search button.  Is this possible?  
> Also, how can I program add search capability to an online manual in
> HTML (Similar to the Windows Help search function)? 
> Thanks for your help!
> Travis Fell /8^)

SCO has a browser in development which has a button bar
some of whose buttons are subject to control by <LINK elements
within each document.  It will be deployed as a help browser
at a later date.

For "forward" and "back", we rely on the functionality
built into Mosaic -- these buttons relate to traversal 
history on the local or global web.

For "Previous" and "Next", the browser relies on <LINK
elements being present in the document with REL values
of "previous" and "next"  If not found, the browser 
disables the buttons and corresponding menu items.

There are also buttons for a "Table of Contents" and an
"Index", for which the browser relies on the presence
of <LINK elements with REL values of "contents" and "index".

Full-text search relies on the presence of a pre-built
full-text index in the same location as the document.
Searches may be contrained to the current topic, that
topic's book (container), that book's set, or the entire

We also include a sufficient information in each topic file
that we are able to build a navigation node -- a context-sensitive
"You are here" -- that can be invoked from the same button bar.
The navigation node tells you the title of the current topic's book,
the titles (with links) of the next and previous topics, and
a partial table of contents with an arrow pointing to the title
of the current topic.  The navigation node is built by a server-side

Finally, because we include extensive navigation and cross-referencing
information in each topic file, we are also able to assemble an
entire topic, section, or chapter and present it as though it were
a single node -- thus allowing you to print a larger group of files
as single document.


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