Re: WARNING ABOUT CCI++ (Re: Proposal for MIME embedding)

Paul Burchard wrote:

>Don't be fooled by the familiar "RFC-style" standards look.  This  
>CCI++ thing is proprietary.  But you have to go to their Web site  
><URL:> to find that out:
>##  Eolas will soon begin licensing rights to both CCI++(TM)
>##  and MetaMAP(R) technologies.
>Someone on the www-vrml list reported the following, much more  
>insidious rumor (I have no confirmation however):
> wrote:
>> The rumor is that this company has rights to a UC pending
>> patent that relates to any API that allows a Web browser to
>> read a compound document that includes embedded programs.
>What??  If that isn't obvious, I don't know what is.  I sure hope the  
>patent office doesn't fall for this one, although I can't say I'm  

Is this going to be one of those Compton multimedia patent things again?


Received on Sunday, 22 January 1995 03:23:44 UTC