html 3.0 comment/questions

I recently skimed the html 3.0 dtd by Dave Raggett <>
(  I must say I am
quite pleased with the spec.

If I understand the dtd correctly, does it mean we can let the
client/browser alone to handle the function of imagemap, which is the most
used function of  "sensitive" maps out there, like this:

<FIG SRC="image_with_hot_spots" ISMAP>
<!-- It seems the caption is optional, right? -->

<!-- a graphical browser can highlight the hot spot and bring you to the
     corresponding URL -->
<A SHAPE="shape def of hot spot 1" HREF="URL for hot spot 1">
<!-- text browser may use the name as a hyperlink while a graphical
     browser can display the text in status bar/window as the pointing
     device is moved into the hot spot -->
name/description of hot spot 1</A>

<A SHAPE="shape def of hot spot 2" HREF="URL for hot spot 2">
name/description of hot spot 2</A>

<A SHAPE="shape def of hot spot n" HREF="URL for hot spot n">
name/description of hot spot n</A>


Sounds logical/elegant/cool?  Anyway, the current awkward imagemap solution
must go.  CGI script that does more than imagemap/htimage, eg. xerox map
stuff can still use the old-fashioned way.

I was wondering if there is any browser that actually implements or plans
to implement it.

I have another question regarding the message format to be passed to
the server by a point device.  I'd post it in www-talk since it is
not html question.

Any comments/pointers/suggestions would be much appreciated. TIA.


Luke Y. Lu

Received on Friday, 13 January 1995 18:07:31 UTC