Re: HTML background color

> Mosaic has the capability to change the background color of a page
> in the prefs. I asked NCSA if it was possible for their program to
> read a "page color" tag, and then set the page color appropriately.
> They told me that would take a change in HTML specs and only then
> will they support it.

	I agree whole heartedly with the desire for the ability to set  
the background color of a Web browser.  The argument has come up many  
nights and many days about how an icon is going to look over a  
background color.  It would be nice to either:
	1) have the background color bleed through
	2) set the background color to that of the image <i.e. with a  

	As it seems now, one either has to accept that their image will  
be bordered by a color change, or place a physical border around the  
image itself.  With most images this can be done, but it has the  
tendency to take away from their openess.  A logo that rests on a page  
of paper unhindered and unseperated but by the logo itself most  
certainly appears unplesant once caged by a border no matter how  
aesthetic the edge is.
	With the size and expandablility of HTML growing in both the  
ability of language and browsers, it would seem best to try and include  
such a change in the early onset if more than a few people feel that it  
is relevant.  With the fact that many browsers already base their  
background color on a dynamically assigned value, it would seem that  
allowing HTML access to that variability would not take a horendous  
	Unfortunately, one large stumbling block with this is when the  
argument suddenly boils down into hues and definition of grayscale  
terms.  But of course, most solutions in this world raise a mellieu of  
other problems.

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