HTML background color

I have seen a discussion regarding color in HTML, but it seemed to apply 
to objects.

Mosaic has the capability to change the background color of a page in the 
prefs. I asked NCSA if it was possible for their program to read a "page 
color" tag, and then set the page color appropriately. They told me that 
would take a change in HTML specs and only then will they support it.

So here i am...As just about any designer would tell you,Web pages 
definately have their design limitations. Probably the single most 
substantial addition to HTML at this point in time regarding designing 
and appearance of pages on the Web, would be the addition of this capability.

I realize that there are many HTML "technical" additions that may 
certainly take precidence over this matter. However, with the Web growing 
in use as it currently is, this capabilty would do much to differentiate 
pages from each other not just in content, but in appearance.. a change 
in appearance that certainly takes less bandwidth than inline images.

Quality designers have been slow to embrace this new medium, and i think 
we could all agree that in many cases, they have been sorely needed. :)

The more "tools" that we could give them the better the attraction to the 

It could be the responsibility of the Web Browser to ascertain the color 
capabilities of the users monitor to display the colors appropriately.

The current "red" and "blue" colors of the hyper links could be an issue 
with someone wanting a page color that would conflict with these links, 
however, MANY other color could be chosen that would do fine.

Bradford Bohonus
Semaphore Internet Services Corporation
Seattle, Washington

Received on Thursday, 22 September 1994 13:14:04 UTC