Re: Structure v. pages (was Re: HTML+)

> From Thu Sep 15 15:44:43 1994
> Ryan Bernard <> asked:
> > Why not just take the Mosaic code and add editing capabilities to it?  
> See tkWWW for an example of what you get if you confuse a browser and editor.
> See SoftQuad HoTMetaL for an example of a pure HTML editor.
> There are lots of differences, one of which is that you need a different
> kind of data stucture internally.

I am familiar with the examples you cite above.  However, I don't think it
is a contradiction in terms to have an editor that also serves as a browser.
FrameMaker already does that.  

What we need is something a lot simpler than FrameMaker that only supports 
the same features supported by HTML and that writes HTML as its native file 

I'm sure if it can be done, somebody will find a way to do it (if they
haven't already).


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