Re: Netscape & New HTML

] One question - just one...
] > I've stated this myself a couple of times before.  Nothing prevents
] > developers of WWW clients to support other document languages
] > explicitly like PostScript, PDF, TeX, etc.
] How do you place WWW 'compatible' hypertext links into a PostScript file or 
] PDF or TeX or...??? *Easily*...

Maybe you should take a look at the Hyper-G project; they're
including their very own (and very good, anti-aliasing)
PostScript renderer/viewer which supports hypertext links.

All this bitchering about what goes into HTML and what doesn't
makes me wonder why we don't create two standards: presentation
oriented HTML and semantically structured HTML.  With the typing
capabilities of MIME, a browser can easily distinguish between
and support multiple formats.

Bjoern Stabell <>

Received on Sunday, 23 October 1994 15:47:32 UTC