Re: Structured text v. page descriptions (was Netscape, HTML, and Designers)

At 10:16 AM 10/22/94, Mark Connolly wrote:

>I checked it out. It does seem to work well, though Acrobat said a couple
>of the pdf documents I accessed through you server were "damaged" and
>couldn't be opened. Not sure what the prblem was.

Generally, that's because you didn't get the whole document.  Did you
interrupt the transfer?  If you can e-mail me the document names, I'd like
to double-check them.

>While I can create hypertext links that work _within_ an Acrobat document,
>though, I can't, at this time, create links to other documents/resources on
>the Web. I suppose I'd like to see someone come up with a browser that
>could handle both HTML _and_ pdf documents internally, rather than using a
>helper application (Acrobat), and could deal with links in those pdf docs
>to other WWW resources. That would certainly go a long way towards giving
>us pesky graphic designers what we've been noisily clamouring for.

Adobe demonstrated links to other Web documents; I'm not sure exactly what
functionality ended up in the final release.  They're working with Spyglass
on making Mosaic and Acrobat work together for this sort of thing.


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