Re: More HTML3 DTD (Michael Johnson) wrote:

> One other thing. Why has the TR element been made into a container? Since
> there are no added formatting attributes, this change from HTML+ seems
> gratuitous.

Probably to avoid the storm of protest that
arose when <P> was changed from a separator
into a container.  <TR> will need to be a container
someday -- posssibly to make HTML tables conform to the
ICADD model, or to support robust linking,
or because formatting attributes will be added
at some point.  It's best to fix it now,
before there are any legacy documents out there
that use it as a separator.

Preferring containers to separators is a good
design decision in general when introducing
new elements.

--Joe English

Received on Wednesday, 30 November 1994 23:37:11 UTC