DSSSL and style sheets

Bert Bos <bert@let.rug.nl> writes:
> DSSSL is too complex and too procedural for our needs

and "H&kon W Lie" <howcome@dxcern.cern.ch> writes:
> Is the DSSSL spec publicly available? Through a URL?

I would like to direct your attention to the materials currently being
collected at http://www.falch.no/~pepper/DSSSL-Lite/ regarding an
investigation into the possibility of using a small subset of DSSSL (the
Document Style Semantics and Specification Language) as the basis for a
standard style language for HTML and other SGML applications.

An HTML version of the standard itself will be posted at the same site in
the next couple of days.

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Received on Monday, 14 November 1994 21:46:29 UTC