Re: Imagemaps problem - need help
>      <A HREF="">
>      <IMG SRC="/path/to/gif/map.gif" ISMAP></A>.

this should be:

       <A HREF="">
       <IMG SRC="/path/to/gif/map.gif" ISMAP></A>.

(`alias' being the left-hand part of the specific
line in your `imagemap.conf' file that points to

the server (at least, the ncsa httpd server) doesn't
know about imagemaps internally, so it doesn't call
the imagemap program automatically.  by setting the 
ISMAP attribute in your <IMG> tag, you're telling
the *client* to send coordinates along with the URL
request in the <A> tag.  the server receives this as

  GET /cgi-bin/imagemap/alias?x,y

and does as it's told -- runs the `imagemap' program
in the `cgi-bin' directory.  the server gives the 
imagemap program the $PATH_INFO of `alias' and the 
$QUERY_STRING of `x,y'.  imagemap looks up `alias'
in its config file, opens the appropriate map file 
and does the coordinate-to-URL conversion.

you are in a maze of twisty little passages, 
all alike. ;-)

John Labovitz
Global Network Navigator <>
O'Reilly & Associates, Sebastopol, California, USA (+1 707 829 0515)

Received on Saturday, 12 November 1994 19:24:53 UTC