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Non-scrolling region Ralph Graw [RWG21657] (Wednesday, 31 August)

Proxy Gateways RTURNER@ewu.edu (Friday, 26 August)

URL-ing through a firewall RTURNER@ewu.edu (Wednesday, 24 August)

Lists and 2.0 Rael J. Dornfest (Wednesday, 24 August)

Lists and 2.0 Nick Galbreath (Wednesday, 24 August)

Proposed SUBDOC support in HTML Earl Hood (Tuesday, 23 August)

Release of HTML 2.0 document for editing Daniel W. Connolly (Monday, 22 August)

refrencing the current URL Andy Caldwell (Monday, 22 August)

Is there a way to add spaces? Bowden Wise (Monday, 22 August)

'current_URL' keyword in HTML Andy Caldwell (Monday, 22 August)

education ed094637@cca.pue.udlap.mx (Monday, 22 August)

HTML and SGML lee@sq.com (Friday, 19 August)

Character entities in tag attributes? Steven Grimm (Friday, 19 August)

Re: Proper HTML Tag Placement Earl Hood (Wednesday, 17 August)

Re: hich spec to follow? Sommer stud (Wednesday, 17 August)

Which spec to follow? Jari M{kel{ (Wednesday, 17 August)

HTML Access to Oracle 7 DB Sandy Ritterbusch (Wednesday, 17 August)

Recommended changes to DTD Earl Hood (Wednesday, 17 August)

Development of a multimodal WWW browser Bowden Wise (Tuesday, 16 August)

Form tags?? Stan Newton (Tuesday, 16 August)

Tags inside themselves?? Stan Newton (Tuesday, 16 August)

Meaning of Prescriptive?? Stan Newton (Tuesday, 16 August)

An FTP site for html2.0.doc.tar.gz? RTURNER@ewu.edu (Sunday, 14 August)

Postscript version of July 1994 HTML 2.0 doc available by HTTP Daniel W. Connolly (Friday, 12 August)

Text flowing around images in Mosaic Didier.Courtaud (Friday, 12 August)

HTML+ discussion group Jennifer Woodward (Wednesday, 10 August)

Help: source code? Jie Ma (Thursday, 11 August)

Re: Do you have a draft of the HTML spec? (fwd) Steve Dutton (Thursday, 11 August)

HTML spec. giles@fisonssurf.co.uk (Monday, 8 August)

Logical and physical markup (was HTML2: No Plain List etc) Mike Piff (Monday, 8 August)

HTML: Comments Johan Vromans (Sunday, 7 August)

HTML2: No Plain List of Items in Spec, implications for HTML3 John C. Mallery (Sunday, 7 August)

Status of <UL PLAIN> John C. Mallery (Saturday, 6 August)

how about EFFECT="none"? roxana@qsun.att.com (Thursday, 4 August)

how about EFFECT="none"? nicholas shectman (Thursday, 4 August)

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