Re: Question about nested XForms actions and ev:observer

Hi Erik,

> That sounds reasonable. Is it correct to say that, assuming XHTML+XForms,
> the ev:* attributes are expected to be *always* honored on XForms action
> elements, *except* if they are present on elements within inline instances?

I suppose you could say that. But I think what we have is more that
the ev:* attributes are used *initially* to register all of the
handlers, but from then on they don't feature in the processing.
(Actually, when XML Events 2 is used, you'll get conditional
processing from an ev:* attribute, but that isn't relevant here.)

So, once every has been set up, then when the outer handler is
invoked, it simply 'executes' each of its children--and you might as
well have removed the attributes, for all the impact they will have on
that processing.

And on the inner handlers, as John says, when they are invoked in
response to their events, they act just as is if they are outer
handlers. And as before, their attributes are also no longer relevant.

So I would see them more as instructions to register handlers, but
that have no impact on event processing. Then the whole inner/outer
question just disappears.



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