Re: please add Accept header to http request containing application/xhtml+xml

Frank Ellermann a écrit :
> There simply are no HTTP servers for ordinary users allowing to
> upload .htaccess files, and there are no HTTP servers getting 
> it right without manual intervention.  Some days ago I was very
> excited when googlepages allowed me to upload a .htaccess file,
> not the usual "forbidden name" blurb, but it turned out that it
> simply stripped the dot and ignored the content... :-(
I'm very surprise by this. I've never used payed Web hosting, so I have
only a limited view of what is available, but as far as I'm concerned,
I'm using three different Web servers, and all allow .htaccess files.
One is provided (for free) by my ISP, one is provided by my school, and
I operate myself the third one. Granted, this last one is not for the
casual user, but most of my non-nerd friends are using one of the two
others (either same ISP, either same school) and are very happy with it.

I assume that payed Web hosting would provide better service than what I
get, so I'm very surprised by what your saying. I believe that some free
and low-quality Web hosting won't allow you to put .htaccess files, but
I don't think those are the *only* ones available to ordinary users.

Etienne Miret
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Received on Monday, 21 April 2008 14:42:40 UTC