Re: please add Accept header to http request containing application/xhtml+xml

On Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 9:23 AM, Frank Ellermann
<> wrote:
>  NAK:  Warnings about issues users might be unable to change and
>  not necessarily interested to validate are excessively annoying.

OK, then how should a validator tell when a problem is one that a user
might not be able to change and/or is not interested in validating?

>  One of the HTTP servers I use claims that any text/html it sends
>  is Latin 1.  For whatever reasons, it is lying, and I want to
>  validate an ASCII or windows-1252 page, not the braindead HTTP
>  server.  It starts to get surreal when a validator says that it
>  will ignore windows-1252 treating the input as Latin-1, and
>  then emits "non-SGML char" warnings for octet 0x80 (hi Nikita).

So should validators include an option for "my server is broken,
please ignore select HTTP headers"? =)

>  There simply are no HTTP servers for ordinary users allowing to
>  upload .htaccess files, and there are no HTTP servers getting
>  it right without manual intervention.  Some days ago I was very
>  excited when googlepages allowed me to upload a .htaccess file,
>  not the usual "forbidden name" blurb, but it turned out that it
>  simply stripped the dot and ignored the content... :-(

Are you suggesting that there are no Web hosts that permit .htaccess files?

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