Re: Error in XHTML 1.0 Second Edition Specification (C.14)

Daniele Nicotra wrote:
> Hello, I noticed that in C.14 of the document there's an example in
> which the "id" attribute is applyed to <style> tag...
> I think this is an error since validating that code I get an invalid
> xhtml1.1 document. I think the same would be for xhtml 1.0 since in
> the changes it is not reported removing of "id" attribute from <style>
> tag.
> here's the link to which I refer:
> Best Regards,
> Daniele Nicotra.

It isn't an error. The XML document being used shows that there is an 
internal CSS stylesheet that is being referenced using the id. Also, it 
is not an error in XHTML 1.1 to use @id on the style element because the 
style module that the XHTML 1.1 DTD imports includes the @id attribute. 
The @id attribute is also valid according to the XHTML 1.0 Strict DTD.

Thank you for noticing. It is nice to see a conscious effort from the 
community to help fix what is incorrect.

Dustin Boyd

Received on Thursday, 13 December 2007 18:12:56 UTC