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Hello Joern,

I do not know how to help -- but if you tell me what to do, perhaps I 
can do it.

Data Management Assistance Corporation has started on an Xforms 
interface for its Unibase by DMAC and WebBase by DMAC products 
( These products have over 5000 workstations 
throughout the world using the products.

Right now our plans are to take our propriety standard jobs, record 
formats, and field edit files and build an Xforms (or expanded Xforms) 
equivalent to them.

Knowing the above is a straight forward process, we are investigating 
the Ajax, Chiba, Orebon and other type interfaces which take an Xforms 
input and create a standalone XHTML document with JavaScript which can 
be processed by current and future browsers from the Xforms input file.

DMAC would be willing to enhance a selection of the current public 
domain software  which converts from an Xforms file to current and 
future browsers HTML file. I would be willing to chair such a software 
project -- but i have not worked with public domain software developers 
for over ten years.

We would be happy to work with the IHE (Integrating the Healthcare 
Enterprise group ( ) in any way we can to meet their 
needs also.

Unibase by DMAC is a 20+ year data entry software product which is a 
super set of the the old Nixdorf, REI Tartan, EZ-C and other software 
spin offs from the "heads down" data entry era. Currently DMAC has 
several clients willing to beta the new product for easy and inexpensive 
creation of surveys which will work in modern browsers.

Please let me know if there is anything I or DMAC can do to assist.

Fred Tarbox
Data Management Assistance Corporation


On 5/30/2011 4:50 AM, Joern Turner wrote:
> Dear Working Group,
> i received a call for help from a client being in eHealth: the IHE
> (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) -  which
> develops standards in healthcare is about to remove XForms from their
> technical framework recommendations. This is the original text i
> received:
> “With the use of XHTML forms, and with HTML 5 the replaising XHTML 2.0
> (which was supposed to incorporate XForms, thus providing wide support
> for the technology)  as the next version of HTML, there are
> practically no implementations of XForms. Leaving XHTML forms as the
> only option will signifficantly improve interoperability.“
> I would be happy if the Working Group would step in and help to argue
> against this. I already tried to write something down but i feel that
> it would be helpful to get a statement from the authors of the spec.
> Thanks,
> Joern Turner

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