handling certain elements with XForms 1.1 Chameleon Schema

After reading Section 2.2.1 over again i stumbled over the question how 
certain elements that exist in the HTML and the XForms namespace should 
be handled when used with the Chameleon Schema:

e.g. there are
- html:input + xf:input
- html:textarea + xf:textarea
- html:label + xf:label
and probably more (just had a quick look)

If i understand Chameleon Schemas right the XForms element would 
implicitly get the HTML namespace forced on them so to be strict every 
input element in the document would have the html namespace and 
therefore mask any XForms input element.

Am i getting something wrong here?


Received on Friday, 24 November 2006 22:01:48 UTC