RE: Feed back on 1.0: Meaning of incremental attribute

Hi Leigh and Aaron,

I missed the continuation of this thread.

The main value proposition for the default of incremental=true for 
select/select1 is for selection="closed".

For selection="open", the default *should* be false.  The problem is that 
this cannot be expressed with schema, so I think we cannot change the 
default to be false for selection="open" select/select1 controls.

However, if you say incremental="false" explicitly, then you should still 
be able to use xforms-value-changed to add new items to the itemset for a 

I understand from talking with Leigh that this caused problems because of 
the belief that you have to "tab off" of the control in order to get the 

However, I believe that you should also get the xforms-value-changed when 
the user clicks the selection button on the control because the editable 
part of the control is losing the focus, so the value should be commited 
to the form data at that moment.

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RE: Feed back on 1.0: Meaning of incremental attribute

I would also like to have the meaning of incremental on select and select1 
examined at the same time.
Aaron Reed pointed out to me that the default is true.
I believe we did this because we wanted the xforms-value-changed event to 
change when the control itself was changed, and we have that description 
in the text for select and select1.
If incremental is false, then only the select and deselect events are sent 
until focus is lost.
Unfortunately, with select1/@selection='open', in a desktop browser, each 
character you type in the entry field causes an xforms-value-changed.
That makes it difficult to capture the the value-changed event and use it 
to add newly-typed values for the open enumeration into the itemset.

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Subject: Feed back on 1.0: Meaning of incremental attribute

In Xforms 1.0, the description of the incremental attribute is inadequate. 

It does not describe what it does really.  It just says that when it is 
true, more xforms-value-changed events will occur.  Maybe that's the most 
that can be said in general due to multimodality, but 1) it should then 
say that additional events *may* occur, and 2) an example of a particular 
modality should be given.  I think that it could be described though that 
incremental="true" means that each modification of the UI control by the 
user is committed to data.   

Also, the attribute should be described in one place and it should say 
that it is optional with a default of false unless stated otherwise. Right 
now, it is described over and over again for no reason other than that the 
default is true sometimes (e.g. select1). 

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