Re: Repeat and Submission


CL It's working perfectly for single attribute. But when I put the the select1
CL inside repeat statement, it acts quite funny. The second pull down list no
CL longer works.
CL I think i should pass the index somewhere but still not quite sure.

Sorry - I hadn't seen the xf:repeat. You do want to pass the index in the 
xf:submission @ref.

The problem is with the xf:itemset for the second xf:select1. At the 
moment, the instance you are using gets reloaded each time one of the 
first xf:select1 controls in the xf:repeat gets changed.

Plus, you need to be able to specify a subtree of the instance used for 
the xf:itemset - one subtree for each of the second xf:select1 controls in 
the xf:repeat. An attribute which connects the subtree to the value of the 
first xf:select1 would do it, though you would need to use the current() 
XPath function, which isn't supported in all implementations yet.

If you know in advance the contents of the xf:repeat @nodeset, then you 
could unroll the xf:repeat (using XSLT or something), and have separate 

Someone else might have a clever idea. If you have a dynamic repeat and 
can't use current(), then it might be difficult to do.


Received on Thursday, 9 November 2006 10:50:22 UTC