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Re: XForms - Submission on multiple instances?

From: Lee Standen <nom@standen.id.au>
Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2006 10:52:11 +0800
Message-ID: <45480BDB.30804@standen.id.au>
To: www-forms@w3.org

Yep, I've sorted out the problem with the event not working...turns out 
it' was actually generating xforms-submit-error because the CGI script 
wasn't returning any data (talk about bashing head against wall).

We now have a working form, and the issue discussed below is sorted, 
because xforms-submit-done is being called late enough :)

Lee Standen wrote:
> Ok,
> Basically, the instance which is being submitted first is making changes 
> to the database from which instance2 is generated from, so the insert, 
> update and all associated actions on instance1 need to be complete 
> before I refresh instance2, otherwise it gets stale data.
> xforms-submit-done was the event I was trying, but (i suspect) due to 
> the inconsistency as far as asynchronous connections go, instance2 is 
> being refreshed BEFORE the CGI from instance1 has finished making 
> changes to the database.
> Is there any other action which can be trapped that would (be more) 
> likely to occur after the submission has received a response back from 
> the server?
> Thanks :)
> p.s.  I haven't got the original example working yet, as far as I can 
> tell, but I'll take another crack at it this morning, and debug it 
> enough to be sure that it is working.
> Mark Birbeck wrote:
>> Hi Aaron,
>>> I think what Lee is saying is that he is doing a submission that will
>>> replace the first instance.  And that the act of this replacement of the
>>> first instance will affect instance nodes in a second instance document
>>> (I assume through recalculate or xforms-value-changed handlers?).  So he
>>> wants to be sure that all of that is done before he goes ahead and
>>> submits the second instance document.  So not as simple as just waiting
>>> for xforms-submit-done, is it?  It might actually work in some
>>> processors due to the nature of single threading, but it isn't
>>> guaranteed to work, is it?
>> Yes...I agree that this is probably what Lee is saying. (Lee? Is this
>> right?) But I think the second submission should not take place until
>> the first is complete.
>> You are right that some processors are asynchronous and some
>> synchronous (and there is a new flag in XForms 1.1 to allow authors to
>> make explicit how a particular submission should behave), but you
>> should only receive "xforms-submit-done" once the submission has fully
>> completed. Whether that action handler runs in a new thread or not
>> shouldn't make any difference to the fact that by the time this
>> handler _is_ run, the instance should have been updated.
>> Ah...hang on though...I've just had one thought...if there are
>> calculations involved (bind statements using @calculate) then a
>> rebuild might be needed. Perhaps that's the problem that Lee is
>> having--perhaps his second submission *is* correctly taking place
>> after the first, but because of the way deferred update works, it may
>> be that his second instance is not being updated with the data from
>> the returned first instance until both submissions are complete, and
>> so he never sees it.
>> Regards,
>> Mark
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