Question regarding TestCase 3.4.1.a and mustUnderstand

I have a question regarding the validity of the XForm's testsuite case 
3.4.1[1] with respect to mustUnderstand [2].

I know that some of these issues have already been raised [3] but wanted 
to state that Mozilla XForms is currently not adding support for this [4] 
due to some of these issues.

We are considering the test case 3.4.1 to be invalid until these issues 
are resolved.

Here are some of the issues with mustUnderstand:
  - When does it get evaluated?  Must it be handled prior to xforms-ready 
or say if it's in a switch/case, only when the case is activated?
  - Can mustUnderstand be manipulated by script? If nodes are dynamically 
added to layout but conflicts with mustUnderstand, what error should 

Perhaps a better fallback mechanism should be used.  Though I might 
propose completely removing mustUnderstand as I don't know of anyone who 
has implemented it.  Another thought is to seek feedback or give 
requirements to the CDF WG [5], as they are currently dealing with such 
issues around mixing namespace documents and content negotiation and 
fallback handling of unknown content.

Steve Speicher


Received on Tuesday, 5 December 2006 15:24:07 UTC