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RE: XForms WD 20020118 - Questions about instanceData

From: Micah Dubinko <MDubinko@cardiff.com>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 11:27:48 -0800
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To: "'Roman Huditsch'" <roman.huditsch@hico.com>, www-forms@w3.org
Correct. Since the element node 'cc' would have a relevant="false"
constraint mapped to it, the serializer would skip it when writing out the


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Subject: AW: XForms WD 20020118 - Questions about instanceData

If there would be an additional <bind> element for the following example

	    <payment as="cash"> 
	  <xforms:submitInfo action="http://example.com/submit"
	  <xform:bind ref="cc" relevant="/payment/@as='credit'"/>

the element <cc> will IMHO not be submitted. 
Is that correct?

best regards,

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Betreff: RE: XForms WD 20020118 - Questions about instanceData

1) When initial instance data is provided (either inline or through
xlink:href), the output XML format is exactly the same--except, of course,
for any changes caused by user input.

2) Yes, by default all the original elements would still be there.

3) "User defined" datatypes, aka. derived XML Schema datatypes, are fully
supported. The association occurs either through xsi:type attributes on the
instance data, or a 'type' constraint on the element <bind>. We don't have
plans to make this happen through the UI.


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