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new form controls

From: Robert Koberg <rob@koberg.com>
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 06:39:17 -0800
Message-ID: <06ea01c19dd2$69f3e890$6601a8c0@TILLER>
To: <www-forms@w3.org>
I have made an app that uses the contentEditable attribute of IE5.5+ [1]. It
allows users to edit an html page in the browser and save it back to the
server.  The thing that is a little different is that it is WYSIWYG. I was
wondering if XForms handles inline editing like this? Could someone point me
to an area in the spec that covers it?


Consider the demo pre-pre-alpha :) It requires IE5.5+ (I have been doing my
testing with IE6). There are bugs in my code[1]. I am using  this with
select clients so it does work in it's limited way. It uses javascript, XSLT
and XML mainly, that are controlled/transformed by java servlets.

What you do:
1. Go to:
(or http://dev.activestoryboard.com, if you don't want to accept my fake
and log in with:
email: w3c
password: html

2. select the site you want to edit (W3C Working Group)

3. Pick a page you want to enter the site at - hit "go"

NOTE: the page is broken up into content chunks. When you click content
areas on the page some will highlight to indicate they are editable. Each
highlighted chunk is an XML file on the server. If you edit a chunk you need
to save it to the server before you can see the change take hold (that is,
before you
leave the page).

4. Edit away. There are tooltips on the buttons in the modeless toolbar that
can (hopefully) help explain what the buttons do. You can do basic word
processoing task with key commands such Ctrl-b for bold, Ctrl-i for italics,
Ctrl-z for undo, etc

5. Navigate the site with the leftnav to choose pages you want to edit.

If you have any questions please email me.

Some things you can do:
- add/delete pages, folders
- add special chars (bug that I was hoping to get looked at)
- add existing content to a page
- add existing images to page (alignable)
- add links to highlighted text
- bullets, numbering
- resizeable code blocks
- click on folder/page info to change page properties
- click on "Manage Center (left or right) Column" to rearrange


[1]  Some of my known bugs:
- can't select image and create link
- inserting a character entity is not correct (but looks OK in IE)
- links insert extra space at end
- haven't set up external links yet (can only select pages that exist in the
site currently)
- don't know how it will react to a heavy load
- and more that I have not seen yet
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