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metadata elements

From: Kia Dabirian <kia_dabirian@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 02:11:52 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <20020820091152.2524.qmail@web12301.mail.yahoo.com>
To: www-forms@w3.org

According to the public draft (WD-xforms-20020118) most of the form
controls can contain one caption element and one or more help, hint,
alert, action or extension elements. What are the multiple help, hint
and alert elements supposed to be used for? In 8.12.4 the draft says:

    Finally, an XForms processor can use content 
    negotiation to obtain the appropriate XML resource 
    bundle, e.g., based on the accept-language headers 
    from the client, to serve up the user interface 
    with messages localized to the client's locale.

Dose this mean all the help, hint and alert elements are supposed to
contain (or link to) the same thing but in different languages? And
if so why can one not have multiple caption elements?

In my personal application I have need for a meta tag that represents
the text from the second image in 10.15 of the draft: "Please enter
your password  it will not be visible as you type". Is there a way
to define something like this in the definition? Maybe it can be a
new element "description" or "header" or a new message type
level="default". I also need a "footer" element. Right now I use the
hint element for this. Should I change to an element in the extension

I also am trying to find my way trough the "Processing Model". As I
understand it at some times the "revalidate" event is fired on a
single field (which can be a container field) or on the model
element. The filed is thus checked for schema correctness and
validity (isvalid attribute on bind). If the checks fail an "invalid"
event is dispatched to the field which by default dispatches a
"alert" event which displays the content of the alert meta tag if any
or generates an automatic error message (Is all this correct?). Here
I would like to have a mechanism to define what "alert texts" should
be displayed on what errors. 

Here is an example:

<!-- ... -->
<model xmlns=".../xforms">
  <schema xmlns=".../XMLSchema">
      <element name="age">
            <maxExclusive value="120"/>
      <!-- ... -->
    <data xmlns="">
      <!-- ... -->
    isvalid="number(//age) >= 21"/>
  <!-- ... -->
<!-- ... -->
<input bind="a" xmlns=".../2002/01/xforms">
  >You must enter a number.</alert>
  >The number must be less than 120.</alert>
  >The number must be 21 or more.</alert>
<!-- ... -->

As you can see the alert elements, through the "error" attribute,
identify (if my xpath is correct) which constraint caused the error.
Is there a way to define this behavior in the current definition?

Kia Dabirian

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