Re: CDF03 - Abstract (Moved to Introduction) missing reference to ODF. (PR#126)

XForms WG:

We find this a little confusing.  You do already have references for XHTML
and SVG in your document, and you have both normative and informative
references sections.  Why not link ODF in the informative section?

ALSO - Nick your emails to the member-cdf WG did not arrive to that mail
list.  Would you please resend them to from another email
address that is not blocked?


  From:       Nick Van den Bleeken <>                                                                         
  To:         Kevin E Kelly/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS                                                                                            
  Date:       09/12/2007 06:45 AM                                                                                                        
  Subject:    Re: CDF03 - Abstract (Moved to Introduction) missing reference to ODF. (PR#126)                                            

Dear CDF WG,

We agreed to add ODF as example but are not going to reference ODF, because
don't reference XHTML nor SVG.


Nick Van den Bleeken
> Change
> "such as XHTML or SVG. "
> To
> "such as XHTML, ODF [see ODF 1.1], or SVG. "
> Add to references
> "ODF 1.1
>        Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) v1.1,
> Patrick Durusau, Micheal Brauer, Lars Oppermann, 2007, available at
> Rationale: No where in the XForms 1.1 does it state that XForms must be
> included in whole.  ODF uses some XForms elements and is an open standard
> so it should be acknowledged as a non-W3C example of using XForms as a
> compound document.

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