RE: WG Action: Formed Font Top Level Media Type (justfont)

Thank you Wendy.
Folks, I'd like to encourage all of you to subscribe (I do realize I am saying this on a public list ;-) - the more people we have contributing to the effort the faster [hopefully] we will move this initiative to completion.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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Hi Web Fonts WG,

IETF has just launched the justfont working group, with One Job(TM): to define a top-level media type for font and initial registrations in it.
Per the charter, we're aiming to get that work started and completed quickly.

If you're interested in helping, please subscribe to the IETF mailing list, as described below:

--Wendy (W3C team and co-chair of the newly created group)

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Subject: WG Action: Formed Font Top Level Media Type (justfont)
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A new IETF working group has been formed in the Applications and Real-Time Area. For additional information please contact the Area Directors or the WG Chairs.

Font Top Level Media Type (justfont)
Current Status: Proposed WG

  mnot <>
  Wendy Seltzer <>

Assigned Area Director:
  Barry Leiba <>

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This Working Group is chartered to define the "font" top-level media type, as per RFC6838 Section 4.2.7.

The following activities are in-scope:
- Defining criteria for "font" registrations
- Defining common parameters (or ways to accommodate them) between
  "font" registrations
- Making initial registrations in "font"

The working group will use draft-lilley-font-toplevel as a starting point.

It is expected that the group will have a liaison relationship with and see participation from members of the W3C WebFonts Working Group.

  Apr 2016 - Submit "font" media type definition to the IESG

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