Re: Is there a pure JS implementation of the WOFF2 Brotli codec?

On Thu, Jul 16, 2015 at 4:46 AM, Mike Kamermans <> wrote:

> Yeah,that's the conclusion we had to draw too - debugging the running
> process revealed that the emscripten'd library was allocating three massive
> array buffers (~313MB each), just by loading the library, so that's either
> a nasty emscripten bug, or could be a deferred allocation pattern that
> works in C++ but turns into instant allocation in JS.

It sounds like you must be instantiating the asm.js module three times,
since normally there would be just one heap array per instance.

Anyway, I think you should work this out with the emscripten community,
since there's clearly a problem and it shouldn't be hard to diagnose and

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