Re: [css3-fonts] subscript/superscript variants

Liam Quin wrote:

> > [... font-variant-position' property ...]
> > * subscript/superscript variant glyphs are only used if all
> > characters are supported by the font
> Does "all characters" mean that if I set the font-variant-position
> property on the HTML body element that rendering is held up until
> you get to a glyph that's not available as a superscript or to the
> end of the document?
> (it's a crazy case, although doing the same sort of thing for small
> caps is not so crazy when you consider legal documents)

Er, yeah, but that would hit the fallback case fairly quickly unless
your document consisted of only a very long number.  Not sure I see
why this even close to a realistic use case.  And I'm not sure how
small caps relates since support for small caps is defined differently.


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