Re: [css3-fonts] subscript/superscript variants

Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:

> >  * the 'font-variant-position' property is defined independent of
> >    the existing use of the font-size/vertical-align properties to
> >    synthesize subscripts/superscripts
> I can't quite tell from your email what you're suggesting this should
> do.  I *think* it's asking for a property that switches to sub/sup
> glyphs if they all exist, otherwise falls back to synthesized, and has
> no special interaction with line-height/font-size/etc.  This would
> mean that existing <sub>/<sup> styling wouldn't change - it would
> continue being fully synthetic unless we change the default
> stylesheet.  Correct?


* subscript/superscript variant glyphs are only used if all characters
  are supported by the font

* default styling of sub/sup remains unchanged, synthesis occurs using
  the existing font-size/vertical-align swizzling

An author using 'font-variant-position' would need to override the rules
for sub/sup, as shown in the example in the spec.



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