RE: css3-fonts: should not dictate usage policy with respect to origin

Precisely. The expectation that a WD implementation can claim conformance to a future REC – or that it should be entitled to do so – has no justification. The latest ED includes many changes that are not yet in the current WD e.g. a whole new section of advanced OT feature that most existing implementations do not yet conform with. Other updates will come in future drafts that will make existing code further removed from REC conformance. This is not only unavoidable, it is the only way to make progress and advance the state of the art.

(Alternatively I can object to anything John wrote that conflicts from what IE6 already did when css3-fonts began….)

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  *   Samsung believes the issue is whether an existing implementation of @font-face that does not employ same origin can claim conformance to a final, published REC that wishes to apply the same origin mandate to all implementations, whether new or old; the issue of whether such an old implementation is "experimental" or merely "early" is unrelated to our concern, since it is desirable to (finally) have a complete and final specification for @font-face that can be referenced by industry compliance testing and compliance certification processes;

No-one can expect an implementation that predates a REC to conform to the REC. (Sylvain, Jonathan and others have already pointed this out.)
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