Re: css3-fonts: should not dictate usage policy with respect to origin

On 20 Jun 2011, at 21:41, Glenn Adams wrote:

> Ah, well that is a entirely different matter. It sounds like to me that you are saying (correct me if I'm wrong):
> 	• the current Web (resource access model) is outdated (or broken)
> 	• the Web model needs to be changed (to fix this)

I think this considerably overstates the position. The "current Web model" is not as simple and clear-cut as you appear to claim, as a number of existing Web APIs already use same-origin policies by default. As discussed in Robert's post <>, the existing situation has problems, but is constrained by backward compatibility requirements for existing APIs and resources. These constraints are not applicable to newly-defined APIs or resources.

> 	• the WebFonts WG is willing to mandate a backward incompatible change, starting with Web Fonts

Backward incompatible with what? As far as I am aware, most existing UAs that implement web fonts based on these (draft) specifications do so *with* a default same-origin restriction.

> If this is in fact the position of the WG, then it is important to make this more clear and more visible, and will require substantially more due diligence and buy-in to obtain wide-spread agreement.
> Is such a fix or change to the Web model part of the WG's chartered scope?

The WG is not proposing a "change to the Web model", but that access to resources via @font-face be treated more akin to (for example) XHR requests than <img> loads. I don't think such a recommendation about web fonts is out of scope.


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