Re: css3-fonts: should not dictate usage policy with respect to origin

Glenn Adams wrote:

>     I understand this point. But in order for such a mechanism to be
>     usable, it's implementation in the user agent has to be defined
>     somewhere.

> I do not disagree with this point. I disagree on where WOFF and 
> CSS3-FONTS has decided to define it. It should not be defined in WOFF or 
> CSS3-FONTS; it may be (but need not be) defined in a UA definition.

The Webfonts working group chartered deliverables include, in addition 
to the WOFF spec, a

 WebFont conformance specification
 This specification will reference the font formats
 in existing use (OpenType, WOFF, SVG, and EOT), the
 font referencing and linking specifications (in both
 CSS and XML serialisations), access policies such
 as same-origin and CORS, and define which linking
 mechanisms, policies and formats are required for
 compliance. WOFF will be the required format for
 compliance, the others being optional. The Working
 Group will decide whether to make the formats and
 linking mechanisms normative references or, on the
 other hand, produce a document citable by other
 specifications (CSS3 Fonts, XSL, SVG) when claiming

Am I correct in understanding your objection that the same origin 
mechanisms applicable to web fonts (whether SOR/CORS as currently 
specified or the From-Origin header as proposed by Anne) should be 
properly spec'd in the Webfont conformance specification rather than in 
the WOFF or CSS specs?


Received on Saturday, 18 June 2011 02:56:38 UTC