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John Daggett wrote:

 > Based on discussions with the Fonts WG, in the latest editor's
 > draft of the CSS3 Fonts spec I've moved the description of the
 > same-origin restriction from an appendix into the section where
 > the @font-font rule is defined:
 > This was done to reflect the rough consensus that allowing for
 > some form of origin restriction for fonts with the ability to
 > relax it was desirable.  
 > There's been disagreement about the exact way to relax the
 > restriction, whether to use CORS which both Firefox and IE9 use,
 > or to come up with a more general mechanism for all linked
 > resource types (Anne's From-Origin proposal), so there's wording
 > noting that the exact mechanism used may change.

Anne's proposal is sketched here:

and argued for here:

I like the idea of having one mechanism for all web resources. This
way, css3-fonts doesn't need to say anything about HTTP headers and
such (which arguable is outside its scope). If we -- in CSS --
introduce a mechanism for @font-face, it's unlikely that a web-wide
mechanism will be established.

However, introducing a new web-wide mechanism is a big deal which
needs acceptance from more than just the css/fonts folks. 

For now, I propose adding references to Anne's proposal in the issues:


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