Re: eotfast, ttf2eot, mkeot

On 3/3/10 5:03, Adam Twardoch (List) wrote:
> Andrew Cunningham wrote:
>> On 3 March 2010 14:44, Adam Twardoch (List) <> wrote:
>>> none of these tools performs subsetting. They offer (rightly) just one
>>> core functionality: converting a .ttf to .eot (which means, "wrapping" a
>>> .ttf into an .eot "envelope").
>> although some of the web based tools do modify the .ttf before
>> generating the web fonts, thus breaking complex script rendering.
> I was referring to the three tools mentioned in the subject line
> (eotfast, ttf2eot, mkeot). AFAIK, they just offer the core functionality
> of converting the container format.

Correct. In the case of ttf2eot and mkeot I'm sure, because I read the
source code. They do the minimum that is required to embed an OpenType
file in an EOT one. The OpenType data in the EOT file is byte for byte
the same as in the original OpenType file.

I obviously didn't see the source code of eotfast, but from the
description is seems it does the same, except that it compresses the
OpenType data before copying it. The compression uses the MTX algorithm
from Linotype, which is a lossless (i.e., reversible) compression,
similar to what zip uses.

> BTW, the situation you mention clearly indicates that some things are
> better left to skilled professionals.  :)

Still, I hope that some of those skills can be captured in software and
thus applied by mere mortals. :-)

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