Re: eotfast, ttf2eot, mkeot

Chris Fynn wrote:
> Do these eot utilities work with TrueType OpenType fonts for
> complex-scripts which contain a lot of OpenType lookups?
> In particular I'm concerned about sub-setting. 


none of these tools performs subsetting. They offer (rightly) just one
core functionality: converting a .ttf to .eot (which means, "wrapping" a
.ttf into an .eot "envelope").

Whatever .ttf you feed in, you'll get an equivalent .eot.

How you arrive at the .ttf that you feed into the .eot creation tool is
a different matter. Subsetting is an issue of font editing, not font
conversion. There are various tools available for editing, and some can
perform subsetting, and they do subsetting in a variety of ways. Of
course, I'm not saying there cannot be a tool that does subsetting and
conversion to .eot, but those still remain two separate steps: first you
take some .ttf and make a subsetted .ttf, and then you convert that
subsetted .ttf into an equivalent .eot.



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