TPAC WebFonts planning meeting agenda


Thanks to those who were able to register (and sorry for those whose travel plans did not allow them to stay on for this Thursday meeting).

We will be meeting in conference room 9, on Thursday (the form seems to indicate Thursday and Friday, this is incorrect). We will use IRC channel #webfonts and the meeting will start at 9am local time.

The aim of the meeting is to consider the feedback thus far on a WebFonts working group, so that a formal call for review can be made right after TPAC. That should see a decision towards the end of the year and the start of teleconferences in January 2010.

The agenda is as follows:

1) Introductions and background

A quick round the table to introduce people and their background and interests.

2) Charter review

3) Which formats to standardize

There has been discussion on www-font about which of the as-yet unstandardized formats (WOFF and CWT/EOTLite) should be standardized by the WG. 

Note that there is specific language in the charter to constrain changes made by the WG to only those strictly needed for interoperability and standardization.

4) Conformance

Merely producing the pieces of an interoperable solution seems like doing half the job. The charter proposes a"pick at least two formats" conformance, which has been characterized as "spineless". Should the charter require specific formats(s)? Should the charter leave the question entirely to the WG? (A lot might change in 6 months to a year).

5) Testing

To pass through the Candidate Recommendation phase, W3C process requires test suites to be written and implementation reports made which demonstrate interoperability.

6) Fonts MIME type

A new fonts top-level type is being proposed by ISO SC29 to the IETF. If it succeeds, the new formats could be registered in that tree. Otherwise they would likely be registered in the application/* tree. Either way, W3C has a fast way to get new MIME types registered, without writing an RFC.

Speaking of SC29 do we have any contacts there for liaison if required?

7) First face to face meeting: location, host?

If we have offers to host then we can put the date and location in the charter which is sent for review. But if not, its no big deal, just means the date of the face to face meeting gets pushed back. Or perhaps its better to defer the meeting until we have published specs, for example to review Last Call feedback.

8) Any Other Business

 Chris Lilley          
 Technical Director, Interaction Domain
 W3C Graphics Activity Lead
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