Re: font features in CSS wrote:

>> I agree with Adam that it is desirable to have a mechanism to directly
>> address OTL language system tags for display independent of language
>> tagging of content.

> FWIW, the experimental mozilla implementation supports this: within the
> -moz-font-feature-opentype string, you can use "language=XXX" to select an
> OT language system, and if this is used it will override the default
> (based on the page or html element's lang attribute).

Does this cause any problems for other functions making use of the page 
or html element lang attribute. I'm not aware of what such functions 
might be, but as a parallel in page layout applications I would expect 
things like justification/hyphenation, sorting, spellchecking, etc. 
might be affected.

For what kind of functions are lang attributes commonly used?

John Hudson

Received on Friday, 30 October 2009 19:40:59 UTC