Re: Os/2 fsType embedding bits and web fonts

> In this context, 'embedding' may be reasonably interpreted to mean
> stored in a document, but not stored elsewhere and linked to from a
> document.
> 1. The OpenType OS/2 fsType specification should clarify the meaning of
> 'embedding', and limit this meaning to 'stored in a document',
> explicitly *not* linking to a font stored outside the document. The
> fsType embedding bits should be identified as not relevant to web font
> linking.
> 2. Web font format specification should explicitly indicate that the
> OS/2 embedding bits are not relevant to web font linking, and should be
> ignored by browsers. This is most important for CWT, since it inherits
> inclusion of the fsType entry in its headers from the EOT format.


how do your comments relate to web fonts that are, indeed, embedded in
the HTML document rather than stored outside and linked?

An example of such web font can be seen at



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