Re: Flash of unstyled text/Flash of unfonted content

On 14 Oct 2009, at 15:02, Richard Fink wrote:
> There's a lot of gray area. Plus, there is a clear aesthetic aspect,  
> which
> always creates contention. Some don't mind the visible restyling of  
> text as
> the downloaded font is applied. They say, so what? Some do think it's
> distracting and ugly. In this, there is no clear right and wrong, just
> different tastes and philosophies.

It's not just aesthetics of course. Sometimes a webfont may supply  
characters that are not in the system fonts, and therefore required  
for the document to make sense. This could be for language reasons, or  
for sets of sorts such as map symbols.

Do we therefore need a CSS rule that somehow declares that a document  
should be marked "failed to load", if a vital font could not be  
accessed? Are fonts inherently any different from images in this  

- L

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