Re: Web font test cases: file linking vs. data URI embedding, CSS font stack subsets

Ben Weiner wrote:

> Would joined/substituted glyphs fail in a similar way if, say, an Arabic 
> font was split up into subsets? Our discussion is very Latin-centric ;-)

Yes. OpenType Layout is processed in glyph runs, and a change of font 
breaks a run.

As John D says, splitting fonts into multiple files is fraught with 
peril. It can be done cleverly for simple scripts that don't need 
complex layout, e.g. by parsing the kern data and avoiding putting 
glyphs with a kerning relationship into separate fonts, but then the 
whole value of font splitting becomes dependent on how extensively 
hinted a font is. On the whole, I think font splitting is a bit of a 
non-starter, at least as a general purpose mechanism.

John H.

Received on Tuesday, 13 October 2009 07:29:40 UTC