need help to enter data in a particular font


I have created a .pfr file for downloadable fonts using one typogrphic
tool.The font which i specified is Hanzi-Kaishu,a chinese font I also
uploaded the Web font player in my web server.There are labels,text field
on my webpage.
To the textfields i have specified the style as one of the font family in
the pfr file.The fonts for
the labels are getting downloaded correctly both in Internet Explorer and
Communicator,but when I type in the text field the appropriate Hanzi-Kaishu
fonts as specified in the .pfr file
are getting typed correctly in Internet Explorer but in Netscape
Communicator it is taking the
default font family of the browser.It is not taking the Hanzi-Kaishu font
that i have specified in the .pfr file.

     Can any one please tell me if u know why it is behaving like that and
what is the solution for this r else where can
i get the information about this.

Eagerly  waiting for reply.I will be very much grateful to the one who help
me out.

Thanks in advance

Received on Friday, 1 June 2001 07:05:09 UTC