Re: Public Domain Fonts for the Web wrote:
> Nor does it effect may [sic] main argument which is that  man [sic]
> People and Corporations have been willing to devote a large amount of
> energy to the development of  "free" software.  Mainly to promote
> standardization. Thus the common argument  that font development is
> so costly it can't be free  is invalid.

Of course, such standardization is for the benefit of formats, and we have
some well-standardized font formats already. If you wanted a new font
format, you probably would have to give away fonts to establish it as a

> I have a life thank you I'm a good programmer who is extremely
> interested in the formation of a standard body of fonts.

Until someone can see a way to profit from creating and freely distributing
the standard body of fonts you want, they won't happen. I don't see a way
to make money at it, and if you don't either, you're wasting your time

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